Healthy and ethical food has never been more important to Aussie Mums as buying habits take a huge turn in 2018.

Australian families are spending a combined $13.6 billion extra each year on ‘healthy eating’, a new study has found. According to the Modern Food Trends Report, 85.7 percent of all Australians say they are currently trying to follow a healthy diet. Hayley Blieden, Dietitian, and Founder of award-winning The Australian Superfood Co, says over the last decade consumers have become more educated and interested in the health implications of what they do, think and eat.

The new Bondi Vet, Dr Alex Hynes BVSc (Hons) MVS MANZCVS (Emergency and Critical Care) and the director of Animal Emergency Service is a big believer in the importance of healthy,  and ethical food for herself and her family.

“Health and wellbeing play a huge role in my life.  People ask me where I get my energy from – I believe it comes from taking care of myself first and foremost.  It means I’m so much readier to then be able to devote myself to taking care of others; my family, my team at work, the sick animals in the hospital.”

“I struggled with health issues several years ago when diagnosed as coeliac. Along with removing gluten, it made me clean up my diet and think about what I was fuelling my body with,” she says.

As a Mum, Alex also values the importance of keeping her daughter, Tori, healthy and happy.

“I’ve always tried to include her in my life and the work that I do.  Being a vet and running one of the busiest veterinary hospitals in Australia is not a 9-5 job, so sometimes that means Tori spending time with me at the hospital or in meetings depending on my schedule.”

“I truly believe that investing in your own health is the best decision you’ll ever make. The key is always in the balance – your body will thank you for eating healthy but have the flexibility to indulge from time to time,” she says.”

One front that Aussies Mums across the nation are taking a stand on, is free range eggs. The #happymums movement is gaining traction as Australian mums, bloggers and influencers are joining the cause and bypassing caged eggs. Studies suggest chickens are smart animals, and are physically, mentally and socially impacted by their living conditions that, in turn, affect the outcome of the eggs they lay.

Mother and Nurse Julie Hoff thinks Mums around Australia are standing up for free range eggs as it is a simple, healthy swap we can do for our families.

“I want to buy food in its most natural form (wholefoods) that have not been altered or processed. So, if chickens roam free in their natural environment, the eggs are naturally more nutritious.”

“Our supermarkets are filled with so much ‘“food’” that isn’t even real food. Eggs are an easy way to start to improve the nutrition of your children, and free -range eggs are more nutritious than any other egg.”

One company taking free range to the next level is Happy Chicken Eggs. Happy Chicken Eggs is an Australian family-owned farming company based in Victoria which provides its chickens with lush, green landscapes and wide-open spaces. Happy Chicken Eggs are 100% cage free, hormone free and the only supermarket eggs in Australia that are endorsed by RSPCA’s accreditation process. CEO of Happy Chicken Eggs, Morry Wroby, said they are passionate about giving their chickens the best quality of life possible and, in turn, providing the best eggs they can.

“Hens that are well looked after are less stressed. Happy chickens always produce better eggs…we see that we measure that.”

Mr. Wroby thinks the movement #happymums is simply because Mums want the best for their family.

“They want to know where the food is coming from, that it’s grown locally and is fresh. We show that we’re farming to a high standard. They know we have RSPCA auditing to maintain this quality. Mums can buy eggs and be confident in knowing the hens are well looked after and have no antibiotics. It costs a bit more but those who are able to will get the benefits.”

Whether it’s free range eggs or a fitspo – Bondi to Bronte run, it’s clear that Aussie Mums are taking a stand for the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families. And if Dr. Alex Hynes has anything to say about it, her daughter Tori and the next generation of Aussies will be more fit, health concious and kicking butt like never before.