Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting at a classy bar in Paris, bathing in the afterglow of just having heard the miraculous word ‘yes’ after popping the question to the love of your life – when a lovely message pops up on your phone. It’s your best friend back in Australia, shouting you a bottle of Dom Pérignon, moments after hearing the news on social media. This is the power of Australia’s new app shaking up the liquor and social commerce industry – Shouted.

Shouted is, at its very heart, transforming social networking. An Adelaide-bred innovation, Shouted is the latest way to get social, meet new people and safely shout drinks at bars and pubs. It is a world first concept that allows users to buy drinks at happy hour prices and shout friends a drink, from anywhere in the world. This means you can buy that bottle for your newly engaged buddy or manage knock off drinks with colleagues by shouting them a round or two.

The highly disruptive startup is a social commerce solution that, through its broader functionality, resolves real-world challenges within liquor.

We spoke with Co-Founder Michael Bois to find out some of the ways Shouted is improving the lives of hospo and liquor people:

  • Reducing transaction times at bar by over 80% – smaller line-ups!
  • Cashless and frictionless payments – Shouted transforms the patron’s phone into a decentralised point of sale, resulting in no payment or hardware requirement at the bar (think festivals and events).
  • Helping liquor brands inspire trial of their product instantly.
  • Managing corporate liquor spend, with tax invoices emailed.
  • Data-driven marketing, seamlessly driving patrons from an on-prem transaction to an off-prem (bottle-shop) purchase.
Michael Bois, Co-Founder

“Shouted is a social commerce platform that creates real-life experiences around drinking, where people can truly connect. Social networking has been confined to the digital world for too long, and we want to bring it back to the very place that invented it; the pub,” Bois says.

“We are disrupting the way in which patrons are buying their drinks, and that will inevitably have a ripple effect throughout the entire liquor industry. The consumption data we’re collecting is incredibly powerful,” he says.

The app cut its teeth in Adelaide, South Australia where locals got onboard by ‘shouting’ drinks at the trendiest bars in town. Shouted has also found the sweet spot when it comes to the illustrious ‘social commerce’ mix. Social commerce is the amalgamation of social networking and e-commerce, allowing consumers to engage with brands and make better-informed purchase decisions. Big brands like Ebay, Amazon and WeChat are still trying to perfect the social commerce journey. Bois attributes some of Shouted’s success to finding this ‘sweet spot’, where the app combines social commerce with a real-world experience (meeting people at a bar), creating more memorable engagements with brands.

“Customers are less inclined to scroll past your message if you’re offering a real-life experience as a result of their engagement”, Bois explains.

“We’ve managed to get customer acquisition down to the cost of a pint. A venue can Shout fans and followers a drink; if they don’t come in to redeem the drink, they’ve lost nothing.”

“We’ve done activations with the help of brands like Mismatch, Bacardi and Lion Nathan. Off the back of these, we issue the brand depersonalised data on consumption – information they simply can’t get from the bars and pubs.”

“If you try Mismatch on Saturday night, we can send you an email letting you know where to buy it!”

Would you care to give us a shout? Download the app here.